Sunday, August 10, 2014

PINKY & OREO: foster puppies

OREO & PINKY: the Tail of 2 Sisters

I have recently become a foster "parent" with the Hawaiian Humane Society. 2 weeks ago I was given 2 female puppies, 12 week old Chihuahua-Terrier mixes. They were found as strays, and both have Demodex Mange (a non-contagious skin mite infection, also called Red Mange). In addition to the mange, they are underweight, and too small to undergo sterilization and adoption even if they did NOT have Mange. I was told to be prepared to have them for 3-6 weeks, depending on how they responded to the twice-weekly medicated baths, medicine and care.


I named the most "mange-y" pup "PINKY", as her skin was fully pink/red and discolored from the mite infection. She also reminded me of the character in the musical "grease", Pinky, the beauty school dropout with the misfit hair.

I almost couldn't bear to touch her; I have experienced a puppy with mange before (my own dog, Shooter) but he never had the open sores, scabs and severe hair loss that this brave little girl was experiencing. Initially I would wrap Pinky in a towel and rub behind her ears (where there were still patches of fur) to comfort her.

The other puppy, I named OREO for obvious reasons, including the white stripe down here forehead. She had touches of mange on her sweet face, and a little bit of pink-ness to her skin, but she was fighting the mange better than her sister.

Both puppies were quiet, but were easy to handle and took to attention and praise quite readily. We are now just past the 2 week mark of my care, and look at these girls now! It's hard to see in the pics, but they both have good fur growth, Pinky has lost the scabs and open sores and her pink skin is less apparent.

Being a foster parent to special-need pups is not easy; I didn't realize how small my house was until I had to section off part of the kitchen to keep the girls separate from Shooter, my other pets (the cat and bird), and to contain their puppy messes.  They have just started sleeping through the night and not barking when left alone. They now can go outside in the small "yard" I have for some exercise and play.

These little girls love people and visitors! Auntie Shelley even came by for a visit! 

Did you know that Foster parents and their friends get first consideration on adopting the foster animals?! Would YOU like to come meet these two cute girls? (No Pressure, wink wink) message me at for more information!

I knew that I wasn't the best candidate for volunteering AT the shelter, because I get too attached too easily and emotional around animals that I can't help, so I thought that FOSTERING would be a way that I could help out. The hardest part about being a foster parent, for me so far, is going into the Admissions office at the Hawaiian Humane Society. That is the office where the general public must go to surrender animals, turn in strays, and where foster volunteers pick up/drop off foster pets.  Both times I have visited this office I have witnessed people surrendering dogs and cats; good, sweet innocent PETS.  I have broken down crying, and even thinking about it now, makes me tear up. While I realize I should"walk a mile in their shoes" before judging, it is difficult to watch people just abandoning/surrendering their animals: paying the $25 fee and handing over a LIFE to the shelter, giving their PROBLEM away instead of finding solutions....but I can only imagine what would happen to those pets if the Hawaiian Humane Society did not have their open door surrender policy.

Here are some ideas if ways you can help your local shelter! (contact your local shelter for other ideas and details!)

  1. ADOPT DON'T SHOP! stop the madness with breeders and backyard breeders and perpetuating the pet overpopulation problem. 
  3. DONATE clean towels, sheets, fabric that can be used for bedding
  4. DONATE any used good leashes/collars/harnesses that your animals have outgrown
  5. CREATE "rope" toys out of strips of t-shirts, braided together into a rope toy; small ones for pups/toy breeds, thicker ones for big dogs
  6. BUY dog food/cat food/treats/toys on sale at the pet store (Safeway recently had food 50% off) and DONATE
  7. DROP OFF newspaper for bedding, cage liners
  8. VOLUNTEER with your kids to help clean cages, walk the dogs, pet the kitties, etc
  9. GIFTS: instead of gifts for yourself at bday parties, ask for food/toy/treat/supplies/money donations for the shelter

I urge everyone reading this blog to volunteer, foster or donate at their local shelter; any little bit helps and the joy that these animals bring is PRICELESS and IMMEASURABLE, and GOOD KARMA is the best kind..

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